Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Lieblingsstücke aus Filz

My bookshelf has a rather exciting new addition... the German edition of my book!

It's called Lieblingsstücke aus Filz & it's a lovely chunky hardback:

It's slightly surreal seeing all the projects I'd written translated into another language, but quite exciting!

It's also lots of fun seeing what all the projects are called auf Deutsch :)


Jilly said...

wow, that must be so exciting for you, well done!

AnitaS said...

I think it is very nice for you this translated book.

Kay said...

Wow. Good for you.

Amy said...

Hahah ^^ German is my mothertongue (I'm from Austria) and I was very confused to suddently see a German title in your blog :D
Great that your book got translated!

bairozan said...

Congratulations! It must be a special feeling to see your book published in another country!

Anonymous said...

That's brilliant and well deserved, it's a great book. I once ordered a german crochet book as it was so pretty and had charts in it. Then it was translated into English a few months later. Nevermind, I think mine has an exotic appeal.

Might you write another book?

georginagiles said...

I studied German at A-Level and its great fun to find out what felt is auf Deutsch!

BugsandFishes said...

Thanks guys, it is rather lovely to have this published in Germany. It makes me feel quite fancy.

Anon - Not sure about another book... we will have to see! :)


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