Sunday, 11 November 2012

Sky Blanket: Two Months To Go

Look how big my sky blanket is getting!

The blanket currently inclues all the squares from January 1st to November 1st. As you can see from the photo above, the last week of October was rather grey and miserable - 8 days in a row with no blue at midday!

By the time the blanket is finished, it'll be three rows bigger and the warmest, cosiest blanket ever thanks to each of the squares being knitted with two squares of DK yarn. It's the perfect size for a single bed (I measured one of my favourite blankets as a guide when I was planning what size squares to knit) and only overhangs the side so much in these photos cos the bed is up against the wall.

I'm determined to keep up to date with knitting the squares / sewing them together / weaving in the ends so I can get the blanket finished as close to the end of the year as possible. It's been a little tricky working on it recently though as the cats have been a bit freaked out by Bonfire Night -related fireworks, so they've been keeping close and demanding lots of cuddles and cats + yarn = always a dangerous combination!

The last square itself will be for the 25th December - it would've been lovely to include all the days of the year but alas, 366 doesn't divide neatly into a blanket-suitable quantity of squares! And Christmas day is a pretty nice day to finish my knitted year with, I guess :)


Chloe G said...

Fantastic blanket! What a lot of work :-)

AnitaS said...

Beautiful blanket and what a great idea.

Pecora Nera said...

Soooo cute!!!!
A big hug from Italy;-)

Emma said...

I have loved seeing the progress on this since it started! It's looking amazing, and you've inspired me to take on a project like this next year. Do you have another big project planned to take it's place once it's done?

Bethan Currie said...

Ooh I like it!! I've recently started to learn to knit, but it would take me years to do that! Well done and keep going ;)

Anna said...

Beautiful! I love garter stitch blankets, I might have to start one for myself soon. For the remaining days of December perhaps you could do the border in four more days' colours? Although that still leaves the 31st...

Wendy Ward said...

such a great idea- what the plan for next year :)

bairozan said...

Despite so many "rainy & cloudy" squares it turned out so bright! Love it! This project takes an admirable amount of perseverence!

Kay said...

How cuddly, it will be a perfect present for yourself.

Made in Suisse said...

It's a shame you didn't get more sunny days but the combination of blues and grey looks lovely :-)

a mental mum's little world said...

It's looking amazing!

MJ said...

Hi. I love your beautiful blanket. I am so inspired, that I would like to make my own. My colors would be different, living in Massachusetts US! but about how many skeins of yarn did you use?
Thanks for any help.

BugsandFishes said...

Thanks for all the comments, everyone! Sharing this project with you guys as it's grown has really helped keep up the motivation to keep on knitting and sewing those squares together :)

Emma & Wendy - I've got a couple of projects planned to keep me busy in the evenings, but nothing quite as big as this!

Bethan - the best thing about this blanket is how quick the squares are to knit! Because of using chunky needles & a double thickness of yarn, they're only 12 stitches across... so nice and easy to knit in front of the TV :)

Anna - I do quite like how the blanket will finish on Christmas day! And I am *hoping* that the spare days will mean I can get all the ends sewn in and actually get the blanket completely finished by the end of 2012.

bairozan - I have been very surprised by how pretty it looks!

MaryJo - I've got no idea at the moment, sorry! I'll be doing a post at the end of the year when I'll share how many balls of yarn I've used in total & all the other info for anyone who wants to knit their own in 2013 :)

Little Green Doll said...

Wow!!! It looks great!!! So beautiful colours, love it!

mjknitter59 said...

Thanks so much for responding. We will be looking for your post. Enjoy finishing your blanket

Drea Haggy said...

Hey, awesome blanket..!
I know how much work it is
Have an idea though!
How about making a blanket just like that, but then a photo/picture, very pixelated... ;)
Maby a new project

Happy greetings from the Netherlands!

BugsandFishes said...

Drea - ah, that would be a great idea! I have seen quilts that are made based on a pixelated photo, but not blankets. It would be a lovely and interesting way to use a special photo :)


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