Monday, 25 October 2010

Christmas Shopping

With the arrival of the colder weather I'm starting to really get in the mood for Christmas...

I've already done my first bit of Christmas shopping: a set of these cards from Oxfam, featuring an embroidered nativity scene complete with tiny embroidered bunny rabbit. If you love vintage embroidery you'll love these.

(Apologies for the tiny picture, it's borrowed from Oxfam's website... my camera batteries need charging! If you click here you can see an enlarged version).

I've also got my eye on some gift wrap in our local Oxfam shop, lovely kraft paper (always a parcel-wrapping and crafting staple in our house), some gold and some plain brown printed with silver snowflakes. Lush.

Next up on my festive shopping list are these gorgeous biscuit tins from Marks and Spencer, designed by Sanna Annukka (images from her website).

So, so lovely, and they're full of M&S biccies too! Bargain.

I'm also thinking about treating myself to a second set of these adorable glass bird ornaments from the RSPB.

They've been the absolute stars of our tree for the past couple of years and though our Christmas tree is usually quite minimalist you can never have too many birds, right?

(P.S. apologies if you've got lots of weird versions of this post showing up in your blog reader - for some reason Blogger kept publishing my post while I was just starting to write it!)


winnibriggs said...

O that has made me feel very festive. I too have some cards and grandsons gifts all bought, (some second hand from a CB) beautiful things that have hardly been played with. Love those little birds, might just have to invest in them.

Watkins35 said...

Love the cards! Funnily enough I bought the Swiss Miss biccie tin at the weekend as I needed a new tin & it's so cute (so are the trees). I'm blogging about the tin later this week (& what's going in it!) :) x

Sheila said...

what lovely decorations, ive been looking at the lovely biscuits in M&S too!

Tumus said...

I love those glass birdies. I've been on a bird kick myself. At our local Christmas shop I've already bought 3 for this year ^_^

That embroidery card nativity scene is also REALLY lovely.

Victoria Whincup said...

Ooh how lovely...I feel rather festive now!

Nic said...

How cool!! We went Christmas decoration shopping today and bought some little robins like the ones Mum had on her tree when we were at home. We also had some like your glass ones there with tufts of something out the back for its tail ;) I love retro!

Kitty Ballistic said...

Those cards are gorgeous - what a shame that they only deliver to the UK. Pfeh! I got a copy of Fa la la la felt at the weekend, so I'm being inspired to make some felt decorations right now. :-)

Lilyshaw said...

gorgeous, I especially love the cards!

Sarah @ Sarahndipities said...

I know this probably sounds weird...but i've been looking for these cards, too! When I was a kid my mom had this set of cards...but the only one remaining now is the one with Mary and Joseph. Unfortunately the back of the card is missing! I would love to find out who the artist is that created this lovely embroidery...Can you shed some light for me? Thanks so much!

~ Sarah

BugsandFishes said...

Not a clue, Sarah, sorry! I bought a pack of these cards a couple of years ago and sent them that year :)


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