Sunday, 28 June 2009

This Time Two Years Ago

One of the great pleasures of regular crafty blogging is that occasionally I can look back over my creative ups and downs and see how my style has gradually developed, spot things I talked about doing but never got round to (this happens quite frequently!), remember things I no longer make, ... and see how some things don't seem to change at all:

I still work on vintage trays, and have an overflowing work-in-progress box...I'm still a sucker for lovely buttons...I'm still sewing lots of flower brooches, and birds - though the designs have changed quite a bit!And I'm still making abstract mobiles after being commissioned to make the very first one over two years ago with the very loose and slightly unnerving brief to make a mobile that was "awesome" ... Do you ever look back at what you used to make? How has your work changed, and how has it stayed the same?


The Rainbow Room said...

I have just sorted through some work from Uni. There is always a rainbow of colour in there somewhere!

Melanie said...

The sad thing is I didn't take photos of all the things I've made over the years and I've given most of them away as gifts. I'm trying to take pictures of everything now. I guess I kind of go through phases and of course get inspired by other peoples creativity. Love your feltwork!

Tumus said...

I can see how my shops have evolved especially with Tumus as it's officially passed it's one year mark now :) Pretty crazy to think it's already been a full year :lol: some things I still make and some I don't. I can also see how my handstitching has improved and how I'm getting better at my craft overall. It's encouraging ^_^

Emma said...

I've just started blogging about my early projects. I've only been sewing for 18 months now and I can really see my progress - especially in the handstitching, and I know my cutting has improved (probably helped by my beautiful shears). I love how every project teaches you something new.

Patty Oyole said...

...Your post made me think about my life 2 years ago....oh boy! I was not married yet, I had no time to craft and sew, and I was living in Brasil and working like crazy running 2 practices by myself - I'm a dentist - and now, I can only see my sewing machine in front of me, and I'm so glad I have a little more time here in Miami to do crafts that I love!!!

Dark Fairy said...

I rarely get a chance to look back at things I make, my cards, and jewellery disappear out of my hands so fast, I rarely get a picture, but it is nice to go into my friends homes and see pictures on the wall, or clothes they still wear that \i made, my sister hangs all of my cards in her living room as art, and all my jewellery is being worn, I often say I like something to discover that i made it, and I had forgotten!

I love all the colour that your blog brings

love n light


Illustratornette said...

Hi Lupin-

I am in London for a study abroad program, and i wanted to visit the shop you mention, from time to time, that sells your items. Can you please let me kno where it is located? Thanks.


BugsandFishes said...

Hi Annette - no shops currently have my work in stock here in the UK, sorry! :)

Gilly said...

Haha "to make a mobile that is awesome" - you definitely succeeded! I remember being blown away when you first showed us the pic :) Your crafting style has definitely moved on but everything you've created has been fantastic :D


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