Thursday, 18 June 2009

Felt, Glorious Felt

I've been making up lots of bundles of felt squares today and taking the opportunity to do a bit of stock-taking while I'm at it... so my house has been covered with colourful felt all day! (starting to look a bit tidier now, but only just).

No time for sewing today, so instead some snaps of an order I finished a little while ago which has just arrived at its destination - a custom mobile in bright modern colours.

Each custom mobile order starts out with my customer & I working together to pick colours, and these were the yummy ones we went with:Then I got to work cutting out lots and lots of shapes, leaving lots of colourful scraps left over. I never use a pattern, just mix shapes and colours freehand to make each mobile unique.

After much sewing, eventually all the discs were finished:Then I arranged them into strands and stitched them all onto their ribbons ready for hanging in their new home:Finally I took lots of snaps to record the piece before I put it in the post to its new owner!


hannah said...

These are beautiful!

Rebekah said...

This was the project that first brought me to your blog! Love them & hope to get around to trying this myself sometime soon.

goshery said...

What a fun job, surrounded by all of those beautiful colors! Looks like a lot of work too; I'm sure there's lots of satisfaction having it done!

GUGAW said...

Gorgeous colours! How do you attach the ribbon -do you sew it down the back of the discs? X

BugsandFishes said...

Thanks guys! As I mentioned, this isn't one of my project tutorials, it's a design I created to sell in my shop :) The mobiles are double sided, with the ribbon running through the middle.

Ali Rockwell said...

I absolutely love this.

Dark Fairy said...

What a beautiful riot of colour

love n light


graciepeasharps said...

I've never seen anything like these mobiles. I hope they prove to be very popular for you!

Lovely, colourful, and I'm sure they would make a feature anywhere.

Kristina said...

So pretty! They remind me of peacock feathers! :)


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