Monday 22 June 2009

New(ish) Wild Roses

Sometimes when I come to re-make an older design I think of ways I should have made it differently.

In some cases this leads me to think up completely new pieces, but in others it's just nice to refresh the design a little... as with these wild roses:
They're pretty much the same design as before, just with small changes to the stitched details which I'm sure most people wouldn't care about (or even notice) but which I feel is a vast improvement!

The last white rose in the old style is now on sale at a bargain price over in my Etsy shop, by the way :)

I've made some wild rose headbands, too. I just can't resist sewing things onto headbands these days...
They can be found in my Etsy shop and on my website and hopefully in my other shops soon, once I find the spare time to get them all listed.


Girl_Industries said...

The texture of that felt is beautiful. Looks so soft, but tough too. Reminds me a little of suede.

Philippine flower shops said...

What a great idea!I like the way they made,very simple.Isn't it a nice idea that aside from selling real flowers I'll add flowers that are made from felt or any other material that is eco-friendly?
Thanks for the idea.Keep on posting!