Tuesday 28 August 2007

Crafting 365 - day fourteen - cutting and sticking

Last night I finished a HUGE stack of sheet music envelopes, and spent lots of time drawing round my homemade envelope template. Here are the results:

So many envelopes! There are three different maps ready for me to cut & stick this evening, and also some giftwrap that I decided to turn into envelopes for my own use. I often send handmade birthday and Christmas cards & thought it might be nice to make some fancy envelopes to send them in (a fun handmade card in a dull white envelope is such a shame!)

Today I took some quick pictures of the new moustache colours, and traipsed around town trying to find some supplies. I fear that a trip to Hobbycraft (a big out of town arts & crafts warehouse) will be needed tomorrow. Hobbycraft sells an awful lot of stuff I can't get elsewhere (the busfare there is cheaper than postage I'd pay buying things on the internet) but my goodness it leaves a bad taste in the mouth. It is so huge and corporate and without any kind of soul. It is a much nicer experience buying my habedashery supplies from my local market stall, or even from the habedashery sections of department stores like John Lewis (oh to live near a John Lewis!). Ah well.

So: a trip to Hobbycraft tomorrow, and tonight some more cutting and sticking as I shall be continuing with my envelope-making frenzy...