Saturday 3 March 2007

Random Saturday Things

Not very awake this Saturday, wandering round in a bit of a daze & totally forgot to take all the pictures I'd been meaning to post up here of works in progress, etc, and now it is too dark - boohoo.

In the meantime: another small Etsy update. The whole site seems to be going a bit mental over the newly posted Constitution - there are some quite bold changes being proposed, and I can entirely see why some sellers are so upset over it. Hopefully the vocal discussions going on will produce some good positive suggestions, and the rules will get tweaked into something rather wonderful. I am particularly pleased about the changes to the non-paying-buyer rules, as 10 days was a long time to wait to report someone to admin for not paying! (especially for all us paypal users). I can see that there is some trickiness re cheques etc, but 7 days to pay via paypal was just nonsense esp as during those 7 days you could see all the negative feedbacks about your dodgy buyer and know you were never going to get payment - so depressing! Ah well: progress beckons...

I have sold another zine (taking me up to 17 items sold) and my Library Graffiti zine is in a treasury at the moment (a popular item with treasury makers - I've seen it in at least 4! certainly helped my sales the time two people listed it at once!).

I have been working on some new mini-zines with illustrations in them as well as my scribblings. I am making them collection-themed, and have started with a zine about 7 of my favourite brooches. I am sewing copies together this weekend, and will post pics when they're finished. They are a bit scribbly (full of spelling mistakes and my drawing style is a bit - what's the polite term? - "naive") but I am quite pleased with them all the same. It is fun to draw things! I have lots of others planned as I enjoyed making the first one so much - featuring my collections of (possibly) mugs, retro crockery, potplants, records, necklaces, badges, and vintage dresses. I am also scheming an illustrated zine about the cats in my street, because they are all such characters.

I am sewing a lot of felt items at the moment - needlebooks, pincushions and loads of little brooches. I am doing autumn versions of my leafy pins, and lots of button flower brooches. I'm also making a little owl in custom colours for my mother's birthday. As ever, I am finding the sewing process a very soothing one but I keep having very irritating headaches that mean I have to postpone the lovely sewing and do boring chores like washing-up etc instead (boo).

I sold a little owl brooch, a little leaf, some cards, and a couple of birds to a lovely neighbour of mine this week. Actual sales, hurrah! I saw her the other day, and she was wearing my leaf pin which was lovely to see!


RheLynn said...

very nice stitches!