Saturday 22 October 2022

A Liz Truss Embroidery Pattern + A Pack of Tory "Grow The Pie" Seeds

Commemorate the resignation of Britain's shortest-serving Prime Minister with this pair of Liz Truss embroidery patterns (or colouring pages, if you'd rather get your pens out than a needle and thread!) - now available in my shop and over on my Patreon. 

A few weeks ago I spent the evening sketching just for the sake of it, and because Liz Truss had been in the news so much I set myself the challenge of drawing her. I've not attempted many portraits before, so I thought this would be quite fun and I was rather pleased with the result.

Obviously my crafter's brain immediately yelled "YOU SHOULD TURN THIS INTO AN EMBROIDERY PATTERN!!!" and once I'd thought that thought I simply couldn't resist.

Then when I was working on the Liz Truss pattern I was thinking about possible wording for the banner. Maybe "Pork Markets!!", or "Grow the Pie!"...? And naturally this ended up with me sketching a pack of Tory Pie Seeds, which also simply had to get turned into a pattern.

I can't really explain why any of this happened (my boyfriend thinks this whole project is absolutely bananas, and he's probably right) but I'm trying to nurture sparks of inspiration and go with the flow at the moment, making more time to make things things "Just Because". 

I enjoyed stitching these, and I'm delighted with how they turned out. They make me laugh and I hope you'll enjoy them, too. 

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P.S. I think Liz has been a disaster but you disagree we can still be friends and I have no plans to pivot to angry political content xxx

Wednesday 5 October 2022

Felt Cat Brooch Craft Kits for Hawthorn Handmade

As I mentioned the other week, I've designed some more felt craft kits for Hawthorn Handmade! 

So far the collection includes flower, wildlife, insect, and dog brooches. Then in August they launched a trio of craft-themed brooches aaaaand... CAT BROOCHES.

As a life-long cat lady I adored designing these, and I hope you'll love them too.

There's a black cat playing with a ball of yarn...

... a ginger cat snoozing on a comfy cushion...


... and a tabby cat chasing a butterfly.


If you stitch one do let me know - it's been so nice seeing people's finished brooches!


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Monday 3 October 2022

Magical Stars Embroidery Patterns

After sharing a super-detailed free Halloween embroidery pattern last week, here's another simpler pattern for you!

Like last week's design, this was inspired by my favourite line from the classic Halloween film Hocus Pocus. 

This starry pattern was the first idea I sketched when I first started thinking about a Hocus Pocus -themed pattern. I ended up going in a different direction but couldn't let go of this idea... so I thought why not share this one too? The more patterns the merrier, right??

This starry design will fit neatly in 6 inch embroidery hoop, and would be great to stitch with backstitch and French knots. 

You could stitch the stars in white on a dark background to create a night sky effect, or use bright colours for a magic spell vibe.

You'll find a free version of this pattern at the bottom of this post, but I've also shared a hi-res PDF version over on my Patreon... and I've shared another starry embroidery pattern with my Patreon subscribers, too!  

This customisable pattern is exclusive to my Patreon subscribers

It has a border of stars and dots, with a blank space in the centre for you to add a quotation you love or any other text you fancy. So many possibilities!

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A hi-res PDF version of this pattern is also available in my Patreon pattern library, along with the starry border pattern. 

This pattern is for non commercial use only: you can use it to stitch as many  as you want for yourself or as gifts, but please don't make any for sale. Thanks xx

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