Tuesday 9 December 2008

I Am Easily Pleased

Today I am dead chuffed to see my own little blog ad joining the sponsors sidebar over on the Paper and Stitch blog where I've been a guest poster lately.
I've never really dipped my toes into advertising before so seeing my hastily knocked-together mini ad is (pathetically) quite exciting! :)

I think I've probably just had a bit too much excitement this week, as my blog stats have been going - quite frankly - a bit mental. Look what happened to my blog visits this week thanks to a rather delightful amount of interest in my giftwrapping tutorials (each yellow bar is a day of the month)
I'm sure talking about your blog stats is like the blogging equivalent of talking about money, but nevermind. The internet it is a crazy, crazy thing.

In other news, it is incredibly dark here at the moment which is a bit depressing but I'm busy working on some more Blue Peterish schemes for decorating the house and cheering the place up a bit. I've also - of course - been doing lots of sewing, including working on a little batch of cherry blossom brooches as I've suddenly sold a bunch of these and almost run out:


blue moss said...

how great to see your traffic go that high up! congratulations
(your wrapping paper is certainly worth the look!)

Rhiannon said...

Thought I'd go crazy if I commented on all three posts separately, so...
* You poor thing re: the winter bug. I wonder if its the same thing that's doing the rounds here in Birmingham as it's only today that I've started to feel human again

*The felt houses are lovely :D I've made stockings for my housemates this year but had no idea what to fill them with (oh the irony!) so will def. be heading to the market to get some lavender now

* Congratumalations on the blog stats. Very exciting figures indeed and totally worth showing off

Hope the cold has run away by now, and that you've got a good snuggly blanket to stay warm under

Mary Kelly said...

The gift wrap ideas were wonderful and everyone I shared them with loved them as well.

Lisa said...

All your work if just so beautiful! I have so enjoyed getting to know your site.

Did you learn to sew from a family member when you were younger or was it something you picked up on your own? Your handwork is so perfect!!!!

Thanks for stopping by my site..:)

Bugs and Fishes said...

Lisa - my mum taught me basic sewing, and we did a bit at school but mostly I am self-taught :)

Alana Jo said...

Wow! Congrats! Id be stoked to see mine go that high too.