Book Reviews

Lots of crafty books, reviewed by me! If you're an author or publisher and you'd like to send me a craft book (or craft-related magazine) to review, please get in touch.

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Knitting Smitten

Fresh Prints

Woodland Knits

Edward's Menagerie

Simple Printmaking

Made by Yourself

Felt Fantastic

Simple Knitting


Crafty Creatures

Zakka Handmades

Stuffed Animals

Mini Eco
Stitched Gifts
Quilt Love

A Swedish Christmas

Merchant & Mills Sewing Book
Wonderful Things to Make for Kids
Make Me I'm Yours... Cushions

The Gentle Art of Stitching


Hoop La

Book Art

Crafty Magazine

Simple Crochet


Stitch at Home

Fun with Fabric

Scissors, Paper, Craft

Remarkable Rugs

Stitched Blooms

Everything Oz


Storyland Cross Stitch

Felt Sew Good

Stitch and Sew Home

Folk Art Needlecraft

Sew Over It

Cool Craft

Simple Sewing

Make Me I'm Yours... Christmas

Christmas Crafting in No Time

The Needlecraft Stitch Directory

Martha Stewart's Crafts for All Occasions

Everything Alice

Ultimate Papercraft Bible

Knot Thread Stitch

All Sewn Up

101+ Things to do with Glitter

201 Knitting Motifs, Blocks, Projects & Ideas

Learn to Knit, Love to Knit

The Liberty Book of Home Sewing

Sew It, Stuff It

Zodiac Felties

Scandinavian Needlecraft

Sewing Made Simple

Learn to Crochet

Papercrafting In No Time

Learn to Quilt

Find It, Make It

State of Craft


Love Knitting


Fun With Stitching

The Crafter's Companion

Cute & Easy Crochet

Made at Home