Monday 20 September 2021

Red-Nosed Reindeer: Christmas Embroidery Pattern

UPDATE: this happy reindeer + snowflakes embroidery pattern is now available from my shop, and as a printable PDF in my Patreon pattern library.

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Sew a cute reindeer surrounded by snowflakes with this fun embroidery pattern!

If you've been reading my blog for a while you might recognise this fine fellow from a Christmas Jumper tutorial I shared a few years ago. 

I'm really pleased with how the embroidered version has turned out, and I hope you guys will love him too!

This pattern is lovely and easy to stitch: it's mostly backstitch with some French knots which you could easily replace with sequins or small beads (or maybe sequins AND small beads for an extra sparkly look!). 

I stitched it last winter, and it was a wonderfully relaxing project to pick up at the end of a long day. Perfect for cosy evenings as the nights draw in, or lazy weekends when the weather is nasty outside and you just want to stay tucked up indoors with a blanket and a mug of hot chocolate.