Monday 7 May 2018

Felt Flower Brooches Tutorial

UPDATE: this tutorial is now part of a set of printable PDF flower patterns, available from my shop.


Another month has rolled round, which means it's time for another free pattern for my newsletter subscribers - hurrah! May's freebie is a tutorial for sewing pretty layered felt flower brooches.

This design isn't based on a specific flower, but it was inspired by the lush many-petalled flowers of summer: camellias, peonies, roses, etc. They're quick and easy to sew and would make a bold addition to any outfit.

You can add a contrasting button to the centre of the flower or sew a cluster of seed beads for a more delicate effect.

The tutorial also includes templates and instructions for adding leaves to your brooch, and mixing in some patterned fabric for extra detail.

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Sophie said...

Very cute flowers!!!!

Littlelamb said...

Love these flowers. Thank you for sharing these.

Bugs and Fishes said...

Thanks guys! I hope you'll enjoy sewing these :)