Monday 12 September 2016

16 Free Felt Christmas Ornament Tutorials!

I know it's a bit early to start talking about Christmas, but it's definitely not too early to start sewing for Christmas - especially if you've got lots of things you want to make!

I love sewing Christmas ornaments from felt. They're cute and colourful and easy to sew, and they make great gifts - either on their own or attached to a larger parcel as a colourful, festive gift-topper you can hang on the tree when the gift has been unwrapped.

Here are 16 free ornament ideas from my crafty tutorial archive. Let me know if you sew any of them for this Christmas :)

1. A cute felt penguin ornament.

felt penguin ornament

2. Felt snow globe ornaments.

felt snow globe ornaments

3. An embroidered mistletoe ornament.

embroidered felt mistletoe ornament

4. Sparkly felt owl ornaments.

felt owl ornaments

5. Simple felt Christmas tree ornaments - these are a great project to make with your kids as they can get creative and decorate the trees however they fancy. 

 felt Christmas tree ornaments

6. Felt angel ornaments, complete with sparkly halos!

felt angel ornaments

7. A different version of the angel ornaments pattern.

 felt angel ornament

8. Little snowman ornaments.

felt snowman ornaments

9. Snowflake baubles, inspired by those paper snowflakes you used to make as a kid.

felt snowflake ornaments

10. Holly decorations made from felt, fabric and felt balls (designed by one of my lovely guest posters!).

felt and fabric holly ornament

11. Vintage-inspired felt baubles.

vintage-inspired felt ornaments

12. Red and white candy cane ornaments.

felt candy cane ornaments

13. Classic Christmas pudding ornaments.

felt Christmas pudding ornaments

14. Simple baubles decorated with sequins and ribbon.

sparkly felt bauble ornaments

15. Easy felt star and heart ornaments (perfect for beginners!).

felt heart and star ornaments

16. A whole set of embroidered baubles, decorated with different Christmas motifs.

embroidered felt baubles

Follow the links for all the tutorials.

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16 free felt Christmas ornament tutorials


Unknown said...

You are one incredible Crafter. You make these ornaments look so easy, but being a crafter myself ,I know that they can take a bit of time but the results are worth it. Thank you for sharing your patterns.

Marie Rose

Bugs and Fishes said...

Thanks for your lovely comment, Marie Rose! I hope you'll enjoy sewing some of these patterns :)