Friday, 3 August 2012

What's In That Tin?

Over the years I've collected lots of boxes & pretty tins to store my craft supplies and other stuff in my studio. Would you like to see what's in some of the tins?

This is one of my "random projects in progress" tins. These aren't projects I'm currently working on, it's more like a sketchbook of ideas that I'll go back to at some point. There are also a few things in here (like the Good Luck card) which are leftovers from old projects. This tin & the next one were part of a set from John Lewis, with a teacup design by Ella Doran.

Lots of felt beads!

Most of my embroidery threads are now neatly wound on bobbins making them super easy to find & use, but I always have some spare skeins and they live in this tin along with some mini embroidery hoops. This tin was one of Sanna Annukka's Christmas designs for M&S last year.

Another "random projects in progress" tin, and another M&S purchase.

A small tin full of my paper patterns (another of Sanna Annukka's designs for M&S).

Some of my current work in progress (mostly just old designs I'm restocking), in yet another M&S biscuit tin (they really do make the best tins!).

Last but not least, my most recent M&S purchase which now houses my camera, the camera battery charger and the USB cable for connecting the camera to my laptop. Not exactly "crafty" supplies, but very vital bits of kit for my job!


Minifelts said...

I love the bourbon biscuit tin, I definitely need one of them for my collection! I have the custard cream tin too, mine's full of lots of half finished felt animals :)

Archie the wonder dog said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one with a 'thing' for tins!! I'm very envious of your custard cream tin!

Deanne said...

i love saving all the christmas tins lol as there so super cute, although the gingerbread one from m&s is proving a little awkard lol x

Shelley Phillips said...

I missed the Bourbon tin too :( I'm loving the newest M&S tin though, is it still for sale in there? x

Sue Hayton said...

Lovely - wish I was so well organised!

Jessica said...

M&S must do really well when they see you come into the shop! Love their tins too - tempted to go buy some now to use as more craft storage :-)

Jacqui Wise said...

I love all your tins especially the custard cream one!

Xenia said...

I went looking at M&S for the London map tin after you posted it before but they were all out. Sadness.

Heather Brice said...

This year I bought three jubilee biscuit tins but I have no idea what to keep in them. I kind of think it should be something special but I've no idea what that something speical is.

BugsandFishes said...

Tin lovers unite! :)

Shelley - unfortunately I think the London tin may have sold out now? They seemed to have a lot fewer of those in stock than they did of their trio of little square Jubilee themed tins. It's a shame they don't sell them in their online shop.


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