Thursday 26 April 2012

Super-Cute Felt Giveaway Winner

A bit later than planned, it's finally time to announce the winner of the copy of my book, Super-Cute Felt.

The winner is: Saraccino, who said... Oh, I would love to get your book! :)

P.S. thanks for all the kind comments about my book, everyone xx

P.P.S. a quick heads up, Royal Mail postage prices will be going up early next week so I'll be updating my shipping charges in all my shops this weekend. 


Saraccino said...

How cool! Oh, I am jumping up and down! You made my day! :)

I am so curious to get a look into your book and your cute projects!



Оля Басенкова said...

I congratulate the winner! Thanks for Giveaway!


It seems an interesting book with cute projects.
Kisses, Mª José

Jacqui Wise said...

Well done Claire.

sew said...

You'll love this book!
I'm going to make a cloud today to go with all the others outside! :(