Wednesday 18 April 2012

Blog Love: LovePaperFish

My crafty chum Kirsty of LovePaperFish had her email hacked last month by some very nasty people, and lost all access to her blog as a result! Eek! Such a horrid thing to happen :(

(Here's a pic of Kirsty & me -with the lovely Lu Summers in the middle- at the Festival of Quilts last summer)

If you're a fan of all things crafty and felt-y you may well have visited Kirsty's blog before or bought something from her website or from one of her Etsy shops (I always recommend her as a supplier of awesome felt balls & colourful buttons). 

Please do check out her brand new blog & show her some love by leaving her a comment, following her blog, linking to her new blog in your blog sidebar, etc, anything you can do to help kickstart her new blogging adventure :)

(All photos in this post have been borrowed from Kirsty's blog).


Anna said...

Oh no! How awful. Heading over to the new one now. :)

Raphaele said...

What happened to Kirsty is just awful. Off to her blog to offer some support :)

Unknown said...

That's a horrible thing to happen, and toatally pointless from the hackers point of view! I hope the new blog is as successful and that the whole thing has dented her productivity and confidence! I'm off to the new one now! :)

Gill said...

I did wonder what happened - I had an email purporting to be from Kirsty asking for money!

Kirsty New said...

Fankyou xxx and people have been so kind to me :)

Bugs and Fishes said...

You are most welcome, Miss Fish :D

Thanks to everyone who's clicked over xx