Monday 26 March 2012

New (ish) Packaging

I gave my shop packaging a bit of a revamp at the weekend.

Instead of printing the item info directly onto card to make tags and packaging inserts of various sizes I've switched to using the small labels I use for my return address info, sticking two labels on each bit of blank card: one label with the item type and my website address, and one label with fibre content / care instructions / etc.

It's not a huge change but one which will make a big difference for me - I can mix and match the labels easily as needed, and it will massively cut down on the amount of time I spend feeding sheets into my printer and turning the air blue when it won't behave! (It will also avoid disasters like the time I printed dozens of sheets of card only to find that for some reason the card and my printer ink didn't work together and all the ink smudged horribly and they all had to be thrown away. Ugh)

I've also switched to using pink embroidery thread for my tags, to match the pink candy stripe paper bags I pack my handmade pieces in for shipping. Mmm, yummy colour!

I've also been tinkering in my Etsy shop, updating a few listing photos and adding some more items to my SALE section. I've got a "three for two" offer running on my sale items at the moment, so if you fancy a bargain please do check it out :)


Deborah said...

Love the pink and the labels, great idea :)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Faith said...

Stickers are a great idea. I need to remember that!

Anonymous said...

what a fab idea! They look really good. Been trying to figure out what sort of labels I should use on my own things, altho im not inundated with customers :-/

Bugs and Fishes said...

Thanks guys - I'm loving how flexible the labels are proving to be :)

The Sewing Croft - it can be so tricky finding the perfect packaging solution! I hope you manage to find something that suits you x