Sunday 12 February 2012

Oak Leaves, Magazines, a Whodunnit & a Corgi

This week I've been sewing some oak leaves in the evenings...

... when they're finished the leaves will be headbands, lovely for springtime! Here's one I made earlier:

On the way back from the Post Office on Friday, I popped into our local branch of WHSMITH's to buy boring things like blank address labels and white card, and had a browse in the craft magazine section while I was there. I was rather thrilled to find two magazines featuring my work!

Woman's Weekly's "Craft Special" magazine features the pansy hair clip tutorial from my book, Super-Cute Felt. My publisher's PR department handle the press stuff for my book, so I usually only know when it's been featured / reviewed somewhere if somebody mentions they've seen it or if I happen upon it by chance.

And Making magazine has reviewed my blog and said some very lovely things (click here if you want a closer look).

I'm very much looking forward to curling up with these magazines & a nice cup of tea this weekend. It's been so chilly here this week, I am spending lots of time on the sofa under a cosy blanket!

The snow does look lovely (and it seems to have brought with it a very charming flock of redwings to our garden, which we've never seen before) but I'm definitely starting to daydream about spring flowers and being able to go outside without wearing (what feels like) all of my clothes simultaneously.

To help banish the cold-weather inspired gloom I treated myself to a couple of awesome things this week...

.... a copy of John Allison's wonderful whodunnit comic Murder She Writes, which I hugely enjoyed reading online in the run up to Christmas and am very much looking forward to re-reading all in one go (probably curled up under a blanket, with another nice cup of tea).

... and an awesome corgi brooch from Finest Imaginary (so adorable!)


JO SOWERBY said...

i agree with everything she says about ur blog and designs, they are gorgeous. i am working through ur book making and getting ideas. how wonderful to get the recognition at last.
jo xxx

Anonymous said...

LOVE the leaves headband! So awesome!

Kim said...

Thanks for sharing the corgi! :D

Tatkis said...

Those oak leaves are so cute!
Congratulations with your published creation and blog review!

Stay warm and have a good week :)


Lilyshaw said...

Beautiful oak leaf headbands, so sweet!

Chloe @ Adore said...

Congratulations! Lovely to see handcrafted talent being supported ;-)

Bugs and Fishes said...

Thanks everyone! It's always lovely to have my work etc featured in magazines, and it makes my mum very happy too. She was very over-excited when we spotted these two features and loves showing things like this off to friends & neighbours.

Jo - thankyou! I'm glad you're enjoying the book :)

Kim - you are very welcome, I am so in love with that corgi, definitely my new favourite brooch