Tuesday, 4 January 2011


After a busy Christmas season, I've got lots of designs that need restocking... so I've made a list and am gradually working my way through it making batches of the out-of-stock items.

So far I've finished some camera brooches...

... some sunflower brooches and headbands...

... and lots and lots of poppies which I started before Christmas:

Making things in small batches makes me feel very efficient (and it probably saves lots of time, though I've never actually timed it) but I don't like making bigger batches than about 10 or 12 at a time, as I start to feel like a robot working in a factory repeating the same steps over and over and over until I go a bit mad.

At the moment I'm quite enjoying the restful processes of these smallish batches, drinking tea and listening to the Agatha Christie audiobooks I got for Christmas while I sew, but I'm sure it won't be long before I go a bit creatively stir-crazy and get the itch to design some new things!


Lady of Pemberley said...

Wow, the cameras are cute! And the poppies as well <3
Love, Andrea


Wow, you put the rest of us to shame! You are right about batches, for some reason I work in threes (my luckly number). but now Etsy shows 4 items to a line they have rocked my way of working! Kx

Cate said...

Audio books!! What a great idea. I always find if I have a movie on while I'm crafting I end up not paying any attention to it and it's just noise - I *hate* noise :-)

Nicole, Windsor ON, Canada said...

I bought one of those poppy pins on Etsy a few years ago. I wear it once a year for Rememberance Day (Nov. 11), as wearing them on that day shows reverence for all that our veterans did for us. Everytime I wear it, I get compliments. I love it, it's still beautiful.

BugsandFishes said...

Cate - yes, audiobooks are great! I can knit in front of the TV but if I'm doing sewing I slow down quite a bit to concentrate on what's happening on screen... I still craft in front of movies etc but it's not particularly efficient!

I'm so glad to hear you still wear your poppy, Nicole :)


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