Tuesday 14 December 2010

Woollen Goodness

Look what the postie delivered yesterday - a big pile of yummy needlefelted felt sheets!

They've been made from two shades of wool, which then blend together during the needlefelting process. The result is thick, soft, textured felt in some fantastic rich colours.

I bought them from Woolly Gathering on Etsy while browsing for something completely different... (does this happen to anyone else when shopping on Etsy?) I just couldn't resist those colours and the prospect of experimenting with a different kind of felt.

(P.S. sorry if you've seen this pop up in your blog reader yesterday - bit of a hiccup when scheduling this post!)


Justine Elizabeth Swingewood said...

Relieved that the scheduling thing happens to other bloggers - gosh. Love your blog its so inspiring!

Jo said...

Wow, it looks lovely! I occasionally go on the hunt for a more natural looking felt, and that looks like the perfect fabric.