Thursday, 15 May 2008

Counting Down the Days

We've made the switch to a new internet supplier after WEEKS of no internet and terrible customer service from our old supplier they've finally given us the code we need to make the switch and our new modem etc is in the post! Hurrah!

In the meantime please buy lots of things from my shop to cheer me up, haha :P

No, seriously, in the meantime check out these excellent visual treats from Etsy...

Awesome teacups and cake stands decorated with amazing and whimsical illustrations from EstherCoombs. Quirky pictures by laurennassef - I particularly love the collectors with their thought clouds brimming with their obsessive collections. Sweet tea-themed pictures by whatkatydoes and jenskelley. Oh, and great teatowels (I do like a nice teatowel) featuring buttons and dishes from new find annabelwaterman and old favourite showpony.


cutedesigns said...

I'd be foaming at the mouth by now not having any internet. :/ Poor you!

Christine said...

Hope you get back on the Internet soon. I don't want to know the company you were having problems with although I expect I can guess! Fab etsy finds :)

Hells said...

Hi there, sorry to be cheeky. I have tagged you, have a look at my blog and see what its all about!!!


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