Tuesday 16 January 2007

My Etsy shop

My resolution for 2007 is to try and sell some of my stuff instead of just using it all as gifts for people I know - oh to be able to put off getting a proper job & to be able to be arty all the time instead! Thus I have set up at Etsy under the username lupin : http://lupin.etsy.com

Etsy is awesome, it is very hard resisting buying lots of lovely things whenever I go online to do something to my own shop. There are so many people making so many gorgeous and amazing items, so much talent! I think I will be doing a lot of my birthday & Christmas shopping from there and treating myself to a lot of items when my own birthday rolls around.

I have been reading the Forums for tips & things, everyone seems so friendly and supportive - a nice community atmosphere to it all. Hurrah.