Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Take Photos, Edit, Repeat...

... that pretty much sums up my recent days!

I've been working on some tutorials (with lots of steps to photograph), and I'm also clearing out a whole bunch of craft supplies which all need sorting, measuring, weighing (and, of course, photographing) before I can add them to the destash sale over in my Etsy shop.

There'll be some colourful felt bundles...

... lots of fat quarters (and a few half yards, too)...


... an assortment of other fabric & felt pieces, and some other bits and bobs as well.

I'm calling this my "Laura looked at her huge stash of craft supplies and was brutally honest with herself about what she's actually going to use" sale. It includes things I bought years ago for projects which I've now totally abandoned (like my plan to make cushions... to match a sofa I now no longer own).

Instead of all this loveliness sitting neglected in my stash for several more years, I hope it can find new homes and finally get made into new things!

With luck, I should have all this crafty goodness listed in a couple of days. I'll announce here on my blog when the listings are live in my shop :)


Amy at love made my home said...

I am sure that there will be many others who will appreciate the efforts of your destashing and then you can get some new things instead! xx

BugsandFishes said...

Yup, instead of feeling guilty about having not used all these supplies I'm feeling very happy about re-homing them so they can finally get made into things... and about clearing space for my own new projects! Even if I don't buy new supplies, clearing out these old things is a great feeling, I feel like I've cleared out lots of mental space as well as physical space in my studio. Lots of room for designing and making new things :)


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