Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Ironing Can Be Fun!

Well, not really. But it's definitely more fun ironing an almost-finished quilt top than it is ironing boring things like shirts.

I'm so excited to have this nearly finished and finally ready to be turned into an actual quilt!

More pics soon :)


Katie said...

That's stunning- well done! I'm very excited to see where you put in the new segment- did you have enough of your original fabrics left over in order to fill it in, or did you have to get some new?

Can't wait to see what backing and wadding you choose, and how you quilt it!

Тюльпанечка said...

Great work!!!!!

Carla Killens said...

oooooooo it looks so promising...
nice work !

Halcyon Threads said...

Sewing ironing is definitely more fun than boring normal ironing. Quilt looks lovely - can't wait to see the finished result! x

Vicky Myers said...

Looks great:)

Tumus said...

Yeah, the ironing can be tedious for sure! If you ever do another one, iron it as you go :) A little tip, make sure you're pressing the seams and not actually ironing with a back and forth motion. Pressing the seams helps to keep the fabric from stretching and deforming.

BugsandFishes said...

Katie - I had enough fabric left over as originally I'd been planning to make a larger quilt so I had lots of extra squares left over to choose from.

I'm very excited about getting to the quilting phase (and deciding how to quilt it!)

Carla, Halcyon Threads & Vicky - thanks! :)

Tumus - Thanks for the tip! I had been ironing as I went but after years of sitting around unfinished it's got very creased :D


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