Monday 14 April 2014

A Busy Monday

I'm having one of those busy "tick a gazillion different tasks off your To Do list" days today.

So far I've written some emails, caught up with replying to blog comments, been to the Post Office, bought some thread for a project I'm working on, taken some stuff to the charity shop, eaten an icecream (okay, so this wasn't strictly on my To Do list!), taken and edited some photos and cut apart some prototypes to salvage the usable felt (isn't blanket stitching a nice stitch?).

Next up I need to do some sewing with this rainbow of thread...

... take some step by step photos, edit them, do a bit more sewing, write up some instructions, draw and scan some neat templates, answer some interview questions and tidy up my day's sewing.

Then if I've got time I'm hoping to write a book review, prep and schedule this week's (awesome) guest post and edit my photos from a recent Nice Day Out in sunny Kensington.

Lots to do! Time to put the kettle on and get back to work...