Sunday, 11 August 2013

Shiny New Free Tutorial Pages

As I mentioned last week, I've been updating my "archive" of tutorials to make the lists nicer to look at and easier to browse. After many, many hours of tinkering, the new layouts are now finished! Hurrah! Such a boring job (I am so in awe of anyone who does this sort of thing for a living!) but well worth doing, I reckon.

Each page now has neat little rows of clickable thumbnails so you can get a quick overview of all the projects that are available and see if there's anything you fancy making. It should look okay with most browsers (even if the rows aren't totally lined up, the pages should still be usable) but do give me a shout if they look really terrible / weird for you.

There are Crafty Tutorials...

 ... Christmas Tutorials...

 ... and Cards & Gift Wrap Ideas...


 ... over 100 tutorials / project ideas in total! I'll do my best to keep the pages updated as I add new tutorials to the blog :)



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