Friday 16 August 2013

Mmm... Lovely Books...

Since I started doing more knitting in my spare time, I have noticed that I'm spending more and more evenings knitting & watching the telly (or DVD box sets*) and fewer and fewer evenings reading actual books. I do sometimes listen to audiobooks when I sew, but it's just not the same.

As you may have guessed from reading this blog, I love making things... but this makes me sad! Books are awesome! So, I am determined to try to put down my knitting (or sewing or whatever other crafty project I'm working on) a bit more often (or a bit earlier in the evening) and curl up with a book instead.

I'm also switching to reading books on my lunch break instead of being tempted to read the paper or various excellent blogs online, which so often turns into a working lunch as I check my email, etc. 

The important first step in making these plans a reality? Going to the library for some tempting reads, of course!

* This month I have been watching Justified, In Plain Sight, Medium, Doctor Who and Moonlight (which is a delightfully silly show about a vampire who solves crimes).


Michelle said...

In my experience, it all evens out eventually. I've got from reading non-stop to knitting non-stop to quilting...and now I'm cycling back to reading more and knitting more.

K2 said...

Oooh. Good omens. My favorite book about the apocalypse! And I'm not kidding. It really is one of my all time favorite books.

C said...

I cannot recommend Good Omens enough. Such a hilarious book. I still laugh when I remember bits of it.

Silly Little Sheep said...

I had a resolution once to read a bit every night before I go to sleep. it did not work out, but now at least I tend to take a thin book with me whenever I go on public transport, time in the underground flies by much faster when you have a good story :)

Bugs and Fishes said...

Michelle - oh yes, these things totally go in cycles for me too! I am so craft obsessed these days though that non-crafty-books have definitely been a bit squeezed out.

K2 & Xenia - I loved Good Omens! Such a funny book. I can't believe I'd never got round to reading it before as I've read a lot of TP & some NG too!

Silly Little Sheep - Whenever I try and read a bit before bed I always end up staying up really late, reading into the wee small hours! It is so hard to put a good book down!

I have been getting lots of slim books out of the library so I can take them with me on my weekly day trips - they definitely make train travel more interesting (especially the times you spend waiting for the next train to arrive!) and it's lovely to sit and read a book in a cafe while your cuppa is cooling down :)