Thursday 13 June 2013

Taking it Easy

I have been stuck in bed ill for a few days this week, which is never fun! I'm starting to feel a bit better now but I'm still taking it easy, trying to rest as much as possible in between replying to a few emails / doing some work towards a looming deadline / etc.

As ever, my assistant is keeping me company!

P.S. With Google Reader soon to shut down, I thought I'd mention that you can now follow my blog on Bloglovin' if you want! You can find (and follow) my blog HERE.

You can also use Bloglovin' to discover lots of lovely new DIY & Craft blogs - via their lists of popular posts and popular blogs.


Manu said...

Aww ♥
Nothing better than a cat when you're forced to lie in bed and not feeling good

Angie said...

Cats chassing ribbons best entertaimment when You have flu. Kisses from Barcelona (Spain)!

Bagladee said...

Hope you're feeling better soon hun, I too also have a fury assistant, she has been really poorly lately so I've been keeping her company.
hugs Emma x

Bugs and Fishes said...

Thanks for the well wishes, guys!

Kitty companions are indeed the best xx