Monday 11 March 2013

Big News: Farewell Felt Squares

I've got some (slightly sad) news to share today: I've decided to stop selling felt squares & craft supplies in my shops.

I've really enjoyed selling supplies - especially all that colourful felt! It's been a big part of my business identity for years now, and I've loved sending parcels out around the world and seeing what people have been making with the felt, etc.

But it's been increasingly hard for me to juggle the handmade side of my business (and my writing work) with the demands of running the supplies shops. My parents have been helping out in busy times this past year but I really need my business to be something I can sustainably run myself as a single lady without making myself nuts from overwork.

And while I currently have the space to store lots of felt squares etc because my parents are letting me run my business out of their spare room...  I'm not likely to have that space for much longer. I'm not sure exactly what my life is going to look like in the next few years, but I definitely want it to involve moving out of my parents house and into a shared flat or a small place of my own and needing space for loads of felt & other stock definitely makes that plan a lot more complicated (if not impossible!).

I'd been thinking about this stuff for a while and had been planning on gradually putting more time and energy into the other parts of my business and then winding up the supplies side of things in the next year or two, but in recent months the cost of my supplies have gone up and there have been some quality issues... and then the Royal Mail announced their new prices, and it turns out that the majority of supplies-filled parcels I post will be more than doubling in price from April (the rate for that size & weight category is going up by almost 110% which is just crazy!)... so, well, it just feels like a good time to make a change.

So, if you want some bundles of felt or any of the other supplies I've got listed, grab them while you can! The biggest selection is available in my Big Cartel shop, HERE.

I'm sad about saying goodbye to this bit of my business, and I'm sorry to be disappointing any of my regular customers...  but I hope you guys will support me while I make this leap into new things! And once all of my stock has sold, I'll be doing a post with lots of links for alternative suppliers for felt squares so my old customers can find new supplies shops to buy from.

I'll still be blogging and crafting and making handmade items and writing tutorials, and when the supplies shop is closed I'll have even more time and energy for all that stuff (hurrah!)

This sort of change is scary, but exciting too and I have lots of fun crafty things planned :)


Kirsty New said...

I think life has a pattern that you can play with. The supplies loss will be a whole new gain in other areas. I think it is amazing how 'great things appear' when you close a few doors :)

Girl from the North said...

As long as you tell us where we can get proper wool felt from and none of this inferior stuff, otherwise I may have to start making it myself!

Unknown said...

Sending you all the best for the future. Your talent for designing and making handmade items leaves me in awe & your generosity in sharing your wonderful tutorials is sure to pay you back in good fortune for the future!

WinnibriggsHouse said...

Although I have been one of your very happy customers, I can understand your decision and you must do what is best for you. Good luck I am sure that everyone will understand and support you.

Anonymous said...

It's a pity to read this. Although I understand your reasons, bad news for me. It's going to be difficult to find such good felt in other place. Good luck.

Blooming Felt said...

Sad news, but I'm sure your designing and book writing will go from strength to strength. Can't wait to see what the future brings for you. Good luck !!! xx

nicedaydesigns said...

I'll be sad to see your supplies shop go, but I can totally understand you decision.
I closed down my small button supplies shop last year, it was just too mush work for not enough return, at first I felt bad, but I'm really glad now, it freed up so much time.
Best of luck with everything Laura!

Unknown said...

Change is not a bad thing, and at the end of the day you've got to be true you, and to look out for yourself.

Your work is fab, and your not just about 'supplies' that was what my friend calls sleeping money.

So keep at it, and I look forward to reading your next chapter. xx

Anonymous said...

At the same time I ordered felt from you, I also ordered elsewhere as I forgot some colours. I thought I would see what else was out there. The felt wasn't bad but I didn't enjoy the service I got. I decided I was certainly going to stick with supplies from you as your felt is nice and arived quickly. So it's a shame I now won't be.

There are several other nice felts available and nice sellers but I liked buying from you :)

I would imagine that in order to make your decision things must be going well for you - supplies sell best of anything on etsy I know. I am pleased that you will be able to be freeing up your time to do more creative things. I am glad for you. I lost my dmc thread seller too :( They are expensive over here.

I hope you enjoy your new adventures, and well done for all you have achieved. It isn't easy!

Bugs and Fishes said...

Thanks for all your kind comments, everyone! This is a big change for me but it needs to happen, and I'm looking forward to working on some fun new projects :)