Sunday, 17 June 2012

A Sky Blanket Update (almost halfway!)

I can't believe my sky blanket will be half-finished in just a couple of weeks! How time flies, eh?

I thought you guys might like to see how it's progressing :)

It's a bit hard to tell from the photos, but because I'm using two strands of DK yarn to knit each square the blanket is quite thick & chunky and reminds me a bit of a cosy quilt. Look how big it's getting!

When it's finished the blanket will be just the right size for keeping on the arm of the sofa, or for using on a single bed- it's hanging over the side a bit in the photos but that's just because the bed's pressed up against a wall & I wanted the whole width of the blanket to be visible in the pics.

This is what the back looks like:

I continue to love the random mix of blues and greys that are developing as the blanket grows, although I am slightly depressed to report that I've got to buy more light grey yarn as I've almost run out! Having lived in England all my life you think I'd have expected this, wouldn't you? Haha.

As I've probably mentioned before, the colours are just a snapshot and often not really representative of what "the day's weather" was like - just the other day my sky blanket square was bright blue and white as that's what the sky looked like at midday, but throughout the rest of the day it was grey and cloudy and it rained pretty heavily. It would be completely impossible to pick two colours to accurately represent the whole day's weather, though, and if you tried you'd end up with something like when the BBC's online weather forecast predicts "light rain" for the day but when you click for more details that prediction turns out to be a sort of averaging out of a sunny day with a thunderstorm at the end of it.

There have been a few days when I've been absorbed in work and forgotten to look at exactly midday, but I try to look at the sky as close to 12 as I can and I remember most of the time. It's actually becoming such a force of habit that if I'm still up at midnight I find myself seeing the clock approach 12 and think "I must look at the sky!" even though, you know, it's the middle of the night. I wonder how long it'll be into 2013 before I stop checking to see what "today's colours" are?

Oh and I've realised that I'm not actually going be able to use it while I'm living with my parents, as their cats would trash it pretty quickly! It's a bit of a shame but I think it may have to get put away when it's finished and kept for when I'm living far away from blanket-loving furry creatures with sharp claws (pesky kitties!)


Frambooske said...

I love it!! Certainly shows your dedication. I wonder if you'll see a rainbow before the end of 2012! :)

Jacqui Wise said...

Your sky blanket is looking lovely. I can see a row of five blue days so that must have been a good week! Let's hope we have lots of sunny days to come and you run out of blue yarn soon!

Carlak en Marte said...

It is already gorgeous !!!

augcott said...

I love it!!! It's lovely .... and I really like your choice of colors!

Susanne said...

vad fin den blev. underbara färg kombinationer

Gemma Cleaver said...

It's certainly growing fast! You have a lot of deddication, I'm looking forward to seeing the finished article!


(You Sew Should)

Deia Klier said...

Muito bonito! Gostei da escolha das cores. Parabéns!

Claire Jain said...

This is growing into such a beautiful blanket! It's so fun to see it come together :-)

Sonya Vengrova said...

I admire your perseverance and ability to stick to it!

Theo said...

Loved the post and reading about your dedication to

It's one of our top 5 craft blogs for June.

Wendy said...

First of all - this is beautiful. It has so much texture. Secondly- where on earth do you get the patience to knit a blanket??

Adrian Justyna Romaniuk said...

I love this colour! Beautifull!

BugsandFishes said...

Thanks for the lovely comments, everyone!

Frambooske - a rainbow would be awesome! I'd have to buy some special yarn for that :)

Wendy - I think for a project as big as this you have to be really enthusiastic about it and excited to see it grow / get the end result, so you have the motivation to carry on (this definitely helped when I was working on my giant granny square blanket). Doing a bit each day helps a lot too, you really don't notice how much work you're putting into something if you do a bit each day as I have been with these squares. The moment I fell behind, it was suddenly a lot of work to catch up!

.Curtains and Cushions said...

I love the colours that you have chosen for this project.

BugsandFishes said...

Thanks! It took a while to find the perfect "sky" colours, but I'm very pleased with them :)


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