Monday 13 June 2011

Pretty Paperwork

I'm working on more admin this week, but I took a break over the weekend to do some fun paperwork: cutting, sorting and sticking pictures to fill my scrapbooks.

I don't usually keep personal scrapbooks (although I've made some in the past, I'm normally happy with keeping bits of sentimental ephemera in boxes) ... but I am slightly obsessive about keeping "inspiration" scrapbooks, filled with all those images from magazines, etc, that are just too gorgeous and/or interesting to throw away.

I've been keeping these scrapbooks since my mid teens and I've filled quite a few exercise books over the years... here are just some of them:

... and you can see a few of the pages here if you're curious! I get so much of my visual inspiration online these days, the scrapbooks fill up much more slowly, but I have no plans to break the habit.

P.S. I'm still exploring my collection of mixtapes, although I have to admit that all the random memories they've been stirring up have been a teeny bit distracting when I've been working! (what is it about music that provokes such vivid memories?) Ah, being 16... *misty-eyed nostalgia*


Flora said...

I'm also a big fan of mixtapes and scrapbooks... We still have a cassette player in our campervan, it's great to play a few old favourites and I was making new tapes up until about a year ago, then the cd/tape player at home died :(

I've found Pinterest to be a brilliant way to do a bit of online image hoarding - are you on it yet?

Dr Duckie said...

I was about to suggest pinterest. Brilliant way to keep all those beautiful things you find online.

Carin said...

How fun that you've kept all your old inspiration scrapbooks, and that you still keep them. Mine are sadly long gone. Collecting images on pinterest has whet my appetite again though, so may start another paper version soon for magazine images.

lisbonlioness said...

All these tracks require serious headbanging... you made my day!
Btw, I also recommend pinterest, keeps your bookmarks tab empty and brings HOURS of fun!

Room Eleven said...

I love scrapbooks. Your ones look great! I have lots too- mostly with a mixture of visuals and quotes.


Bugs and Fishes said...

I have thought about joining Pinterest... but fab tho it would be to have somewhere to pin my own stuff, I'm a bit worried about disappearing down a rabbit hole of looking at other peoples pins and getting overwhelmed / getting no work done!

So many people have recommended it though, I may have to give it a try anyway :)

Jan said...

Hi from a new follower, I've just popped over from Polly Polkerdot.
I have loads of sketch pads that lots of my inspiration comes from.

Enjoy your break.

Jan x