Friday, 8 June 2007

A peek at my workspace...

Not exactly the tidiest of work spaces, this is what our kitchen table looks like when it's covered in all my sewing gubbins...
If you look closely you can see a couple of the things I made this week - a couple of brooches and an appliqued picture - and also a box full of birds-in-progress, all cut out and ready to sew. I've been going insect-crazy brooch wise, and have made a big sparkly butterfly and also (for Seaurchin in the UK Etsy secret swap) a dragonfly and a moth:
I'm really pleased with all three of them, and definitely plan on making some more (especially trying out some different colours for the butterfly).

My most exciting sewing project this week though has been an appliqued felt version of Askey's illustration "I like your shoes too". I am just in love with this image, the colours and the shapes of it, and felt sure it would translate well to applique. Here is the original (in greeting-card form, part of my birthday present to myself) and the felt version at the half-way point, before I attacked it with black thread.
Then the finished product - sent to Askey yesterday as a thankyou for all her secret-swap organising - looked like this:
I am just going to have to make more of these, they are just too delicious. Great to see it arrived safely and pics of it over on Flickr - taken in much better light than mine! It was sooo overcast yesterday but I couldn't wait to stick it in the post :D


Jenn Maruska said...

Oh my gosh - that applique is wonderful!!! I love it! You did such a nice job - how could you part with it???

(If you make another - let me know!)

: )

Felicia said...

I do like to see folks' creative spaces. Thank you for showing us yours. I posted a plea for help about the state of mine this week and could only get up enough nerve to post tiny pictures of the disaster area.

Your shoes appliqué is beautiful! Definitely make more :)

Sakura Fubuki Designs said...

Lupin your swap for Jo is AMAZING!!!! you should defo team up with askey to produce more of these, perhaps the entire shoes series?? :D

Athena's Armoury said...

I love sneaking a peek at other people's work spaces. (guilty pleasure) Your butterflies are adorable and the 'shoes' piece is amazing.

Amanda said...

These are just too cute...what wonderful work and I love to see peoples work spaces too...thanks for sharing.

Marisa said...

that's really pretty!


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