Thursday 14 March 2019

Shop News: Price Rises Coming Soon

I've got some non-fun news to share today, which is that I'll be putting up the prices of my PDF sewing patterns slightly at the start of April (2019).

Currently, all the PDF patterns in my Etsy and Big Cartel shops are £2.50 (+VAT if purchased via my Etsy shop), but from April they will be £3 each (+VAT if purchased via Etsy). So, if you've had your eye on any of my current designs now's the time to grab them before the price goes up!

Good news, though: I've got lots of new patterns in progress and I've decided to have a special launch price for all of them (£2.50), rising to the standard price after a week... so you'll still be able to snap up the new patterns at the old price. Don't want to miss when I add a new pattern to my shop? Sign up to my newsletter!

Currently in my shops, you'll find...

Felt Poppies (including a poppy embroidery pattern).

Felt Primroses and Auriculas.

Felt Robins (including a robin embroidery pattern).

And a wren embroidery pattern, inspired by an old proverb. 

Visit my Etsy shop for instant pattern downloads, or head to Big Cartel to buy direct from me (if you make a purchase from my Big Cartel shop your pattern(s) will be emailed asap and always within 48 hours).