Tuesday 19 February 2013

Busy Days, Quiet Evenings

It's been a busy few days here - so busy in fact that I keep on forgetting to take photos, and "write a blog post" keeps getting pushed to the bottom of the day's to do list. Tsk tsk.

Remember that mega to do list? All the tasks have now been completed, hurrah!

I've still got lots to do (there is always something else that needs doing) but it feels SO GOOD to get all that stuff finished.

I'm still trying to switch off in the evenings - turn off the laptop, stop working, do something simple and crafty to help me relax and properly wind down after a busy day - sometimes successfully and sometimes not!

Over the past few evenings I've been doing a bit of knitting (more simple blanket squares to use up that leftover yarn from my sky blanket) and clearing out some magazines while watching TV shows like Revenge & Nashville & Being Human.

I've been tearing out nice images from a whole bunch of old magazines (like The Simple Things, which is always lovely to look at), and adding them to my "inspiration" scrapbooks... and I've also been making up a "press clippings" book. 

I've collected a stack of magazines over the years in which my work has been featured, and I have FINALLY got around to actually tearing the relevant pages out of the magazines and making a proper book of press clippings. It was quite nice having the actual magazines to flick through (we jokingly refer to the shelf on which they were kept as my "ego shelf") but not especially practical, and I am very glad to have cleared out a bit more space in my studio for fun things like nice craft books. I know this is technically "work" but it's pretty mindless and relaxing, so I think it counts as a "switching off" task?? 


Alex - The Interior DIYer said...

I need to switch off in the evenings too. I find if I'm not doing something though, I feel like I'm wasting time. Does that make sense?

Haha, I also have an "ego stack". It only has about 6 magazines though. I stash them in the spare bedroom, and it's always a lovely boost to crack them out every once in a while.

Laura said...

Love The Simple Things - it is such a nice looking magazine. So far I haven't had the heart to tear any of mine up!

P.S. That looks like an epic to do list. Congrats on getting it done!

Charlotte said...

I managed to 'switch off' the other night, got home from my normal day job and didnt even look at my computer or phone...it felt amazing! woke up feeling nice and refreshed too :-)

Silly Little Sheep said...

When work is fun and relaxing, it is not counted as work any more :) I like coming home and weaving some bracelets or beading while watching TV after dinner.
And eho shelf is a great idea, I have stuff like that too - we need it :))

Bugs and Fishes said...

Alex - it totally makes sense! I like having "non work" craft projects on the go (like knitting blanket squares etc) so I'm still being "productive" evening when I'm basically just vegging in front of some rubbish telly. And I'm glad to hear it's not just me who has an ego-boosting stash :)

Laura - thanks!

Charlotte - yup, I definitely sleep better when I've had less computer time the night before.

Silly Little Sheep - All our egos can use a little boosting sometimes, can't they? :)