Monday 4 October 2021

Felt Flower Brooch Craft Kits for Hawthorn Handmade

In case you missed my exciting news last week: I've designed some felt sewing kits for Hawthorn Handmade, who sell the loveliest beginner-friendly craft kits.

I'm so delighted to have been asked to work on these, and super happy with how they've turned out. 

Last week I shared lots of photos of the collection of wildlife brooches (a hare, a deer, a wren, a hedgehog, a fox, and a tawny owl), and today I'm going to show you some snaps of the second collection: flower brooches! 

Each of the embroidered floral brooches is named after a famous woman gardener or botanist, isn't that great? You can find the whole range of brooch kits here (with worldwide shipping, hurrah!) and find out about the women each flower brooch is named after, too.

I love the choice of names, and I loooove the photos Hawthorn Handmade have taken of the finished brooches. 

There's Marianne...


... Gertrude...

... Beatrix...


... Penelope...


... Margery...

... and Vita!

Which one's your fave? I absolutely cannot decide on mine.

Click here to shop the whole range of felt craft kits.  

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